Taking Wood Watch Fun to The Next Level!

Why a Wood Watch? Because wearing a metal watch is just too 2015..!!

I am not going to lie, I had stopped wearing watches for quite a bit now as I was too tired of dragging around those chunky watches that I owned (Psh.. Little did I know about the alternatives!!). So when I heard about JORD wood watches, it was an aha moment. But wait, it wasn’t all that easy. I stumbled upon the variety of sleek designs they offer, it was an even harder decision than choosing a major in school. I finally chose this beautiful Sidney Watch which is rightly introduced as Red Sandalwood & Mother of Pearl.

My first reaction when I lifted this wood watch was “it’s soooo light”, which makes it perfect for folks like me who are looking for a right balance of elegance and comfort. Well, the goodness doesn’t stop there. My most favorite part of this watch is its Sapphire crystal face surrounded by Swarovski crystal. Yes, you heard it right, “Swarovski”!!
Jord Wood Watches Review 5

Jord Wood Watches Review 14

Jord Wood Watches Review 4

I have been wearing this watch for few days now and the timing could not be better. Its wood feel makes it very ideal for summer’s humid & sticky weather (Ok, I’ll save the weather complaints for later..).  The best part of the wood watch is it can literally be worn with anything and everything.

1. I wear it when I hop on my rooftop for sunbathing, styled in a chic costume, sunnies, summer hat and light hand accessories..

2. Or when I am just relaxing at home while sipping coffee with beautiful New York City view in comfortable shorts and loose tee..

3. Or when I am all dressed up for a weekend day-to-night out, wearing one-shoulder dress, pink heels, pink nailpaints and a statement ring. What? Don’t believe me? Please check the following photo evidence:


Jord Wood Watches Review 1

Jord Wood Watches Review

Jord Wood Watches Review 3

Jord Wood Watches Review 17

Jord Wood Watches Review 18


Jord Wood Watches Review 10

Jord Wood Watches Review 11

Jord Wood Watches Review 12

Jord Wood Watches Review 13


JORD Wooden Watches Giveaway

No, I don’t plan to have all the wood watch fun alone. So here are the details to win a $75 worth e-voucher. Not just that, as I announced on my social accounts few days back, every entrant gets a $20 worth e-voucher for entering the contest. So technically every entrant is a winner here (.. finally, the world is fair again!!).

**The contest is closed and winner is announced. All the participants should also receive their $20 e-coupon**

So do you already own a Wood Watch? Or looking to buy one? Be sure to write to me about your fun experiences with the wood watch.

Disclosure: Thank you JORD Wood Watches for kindly sponsoring this post. All the opinions are my own & 100% honest . #Ad


Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP



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