Brand Find of the Month: Dezzal

Hello Chicas! Hope everyone has recovered from the election hangover, well I haven’t. But writing this post about the Brand that I recently discovered is definitely helping me here. I am always on a quest of finding new and unique online fashion destinations which landed me on Dezzal website. I started exploring the website with a judgy eye as I thought this would be one of those websites with the prices too good to be true for the product pictures displayed and you end up buying cheap looking clothes with sizes not true to fit. But NO, this is not one of “those” websites. Dezzal’s collection is designed by their supremely talented designer team who are one step ahead in their designing game and spotting new trends.

After a thorough surfing and adding 53 products to the wishlist (not exaggerating), I finally ordered a Houndstooth Sweater Patch Dress and a Pastel Powder Blue Coat, keeping in sync with the Fall season. One thing I highly recommend is to go by their “find my size” measurement, it’s really true to fit.

Combining my two lovers in one, that is, Patches (as I have already expressed here) and the classic Houndstooth print, this dress is such a joy to wear. I loved these big patches, so different and refreshing from the usual patches we see. And don’t miss those back details with asymmetrically placed fancy buttons (who likes symmetry anyway, pshh!). Its thick sweater material makes it so perfect for Fall & Winter, where you can opt to wear it with dressy tights for the colder days. I paired it with the Pastel Powder Blue Coat which I had been looking around for years now, almost visited all known stores in NYC and the online stores, no luck and finally found it on Dezzal. Pastels coats are having a huge moment right now, and now you know where to look for it (hint #101: Dezzal).

Before we jump to amazing photos clicked by vmjcouch, I want to give a brief introduction to the man behind the fine editing of these photos. Mark Lojek found his passion for photography and editing while accompanying his father on his photography adventures. This passion kept growing as he started his professional career as a developer, a classic story of technology inspiring creativity. He walks around looking at the world as a full frame image with the artistic curiosity on how should a shot be taken, what lighting would make the shot better.. And while keeping his roles changing between being a classic photographer to a creative editor and vice versa, he quickly found a right balance between taking images and post processing. And this trick also makes his editing so perfect that it doesn’t end up looking ‘fake’. Don’t forget to check out his gallery for some really inspiring photography.














DressDezzal, ShoesZARA, ClutchASOS

– Photography by: VMJCouch –

– Photo editing by: Mark Lojek –

Here are some of my favorite items from Dezzal wishlist which are on my shopping radar:

Color Block Coat

Pastel Coats

Embroidered Maxi Dress

Embroidered Patched Dress

Color Block Sweater

Polo Collar Embroidered Dress

Embroidered Crossbody Bag

Wooden Crossbody Bag

Pendant Printed Handbag

Don’t forget to share your Dezzal shopping stories with us in the comment section.

Disclosure: Thank you Dezzal for kindly sponsoring this post. All the opinions are my own & 100% honest . #Ad

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP


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