Summer-Ready Midi Skirt 2 Ways

Are you ready for summer? Hmm chuck that question. More important one, Is your closet summer-ready? Yes? No? In process? Whichever case, I would highly recommend to add this pleated midi skirt to your summer closet that is only for $20 and comes in some great colors. If this isn’t a steal-deal, what is?! (link to it at the bottom). Nuh-uh-uh, not so fast, before I jump onto showing you the 2 ways I styled this skirt, let me talk about my recent encounter with this one person and how she instantly has made a place in my book of “The Inspirational Ladies”. No, no, no, I am not looking to start a sub-blog “Humans of Universe”, it is related to this post and you will know why. Keep reading..

Let’s back up a bit. Out of thousand reasons why I love this blogging space, my most favorite one is connecting with people over it. Be it bloggers, photographers or brand-founders. Along the same lines, I recently had an opportunity to meet the founder of an accessories brand called Chureca Chic. Her name is Andrea Paltzer and I got to talk to her about her amazing business model that supports a noble cause of women empowerment. Why we need “women empowerment” is pretty known to all of us but it really comes down to how. Well, giving society a solo female-superhero movie, “Wonder Woman” is one way (..on a side note, totally girl-crushing over her currently!!). In another way, Chureca Chic sets a great example on how to make it happen. Andrea started this brand that creates handmade products from waste materials (adding more to the nobleness of the brand: Recycled products), as a trading arm of her UK charity “Earth Education Project” that is dedicated to empower Nicaraguan women with education and job skill training. Chureca Chic provides employment to these women who graduate through this scholarship programme and later brand’s profits are circled back to the charity for running this programme. Isn’t this such a great self-sustainable model to support the women empowerment movement! I am crazy inspired by this woman who has moved from UK to Nicaragua to lead this charity and brand to set an example on how NGO and social enterprise can work with private sector to create a lasting community development effect. And it was an immense pleasure to pair Chureca Chic’s gorgeous statement earrings while creating looks for this midi skirt.

Look #1: The Elegance Expo!!

For the first look, I paired the skirt with a deep V-shaped back-frilled top (actually a short dress), embroidered elegant bag, floral sequin pumps and beautiful tassel earrings.

Summer skirt Outfits 10

Summer skirt Outfits 7

Summer skirt Outfits 1

Summer skirt Outfits 4

Summer skirt Outfits 5

Summer skirt Outfits 6

Summer skirt Outfits 2

Summer skirt Outfits 3

Summer skirt Outfits 9

Midi Skirt || Top (actually a short dress, old) from here || Floral Sequin Pumps (old) from here || Embroidery bag from a vintage store in SFO || Tassel Earrings

Look #2: Ok, let’s just go vibrant!!
For the second one, I decided to go little colorful by pairing it with a casual front-knotted shirt, funky rainbow colored socks, yellow sneakers and mismatched bright orange earrings.

Socks Lookbook and Skirt Outfits 2

Socks Lookbook and Skirt Outfits 3

Socks Lookbook and Skirt Outfits 4

Socks Lookbook and Skirt Outfits 6

Socks Lookbook and Skirt Outfits 1

Socks Lookbook and Skirt Outfits 8

Socks Lookbook and Skirt Outfits 7

Socks Lookbook and Skirt Outfits 5

Midi Skirt || Shirt (old) from here || Shoes (old) from here || Socks || Mismatched Earrings

So which one is your favorite look? How would you style this midi skirt? Be sure to write in the comment section and inspire us with your styling tips.

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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