How to Power Dress

Let’s admit it. We do live in a world where it does matter how you dress up and you are likely to be judged for the way you dress up wherever you go. I can find you thousands of quotes like “dress for the job you want”, “..get up, dress up, show up and never give up”, etc. But why would you not save me that pain?! However, I really think this is a blessing in disguise. Because if only dressing up for it could boost your confidence, bring out that feel-good-about-yourself factor and already grab others attention to have them listen to you then why not take that head start, right? Right!

And this brings me to the topic of the hour “Power Dressing”. I really think this term is more relevant than ever as we witness the women taking over the world. “Power Dressing” to me is not limited to any particular professional setting but could be applied across many areas of our day-to-day, like you are meeting the leasing agent to get that apartment you want or meeting your boyfriend’s parents or any place where you want your clothes to reflect that you have your life together and  you know exactly what you are doing. For the same reason, I think “Power Dressing” is not limited to only the pantsuit but there are multiple turns it can take, covering few below:

(1) Collar wrap pieces:

It doesn’t have to be exactly the blazer to ooze that powerful personality. But we can also borrow the same collar wrap patterns for the same feel. For example, this cape dress below with wrap neckline.

how to power dress 1

how to power dress 3

Cape Jumpsuit || Shoes || Bag || Scarf (Vintage store in Williamsburg)

Some other wrap collar pieces to check out:

wrap-collar-3.jpg wrap-collar-2.jpg wrap collar 1 wrap collar 4

(2) Bow like detail:

Pussy bow tie blouse is not an alien concept when it comes to power dressing, but if you come across the pieces that don’t really have one, you can always wear a scarf to give that feel.

how to power dress 4

how to power dress 5

how to power dress 6

Some other bow detailed pieces to check out:

bow detailed 1 bow detailed 2

(3) Cape detail or Shoulder pad detail:

Because every superhero needs a cape. Ok, sorry I’ll try to explain this in a less mainstream way. Cape detailed pieces are really becoming my favorite as it is an ultimate power statement as learned in the comics but also it gives that feminine touch to the entire “Power Dressing” act. On a similar lines, should padded detail is another winning style to make that power statement. It gives that illusion of broad shoulders and ultimately a powerful posture.

how to power dress 7

how to power dress 8

Some other Cape detailed pieces to check out:

cape-detailed-1.jpg cape detailed 2

So what are some of your favorite styles for Power Dressing? Be sure to write in the comment section and inspire us with your styling tips.

Disclosure: Thank you SheIn for kindly sponsoring this post. All the opinions are my own & 100% honest. #Ad


Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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