5 Lessons I Learned About Blogging

No I am not here to share the “Blogging tips” because I am no expert, I am learning every day. I am only here to share the lessons I have learnt so far from my blogging journey. In case, that helps you in any way.

Lesson #1 

I still remember my reasons so clearly for why I even came up with this entire idea of starting a blog. It started with the thought of having some activity outside the regular work routine because it’s difficult to keep a restless Aries such as myself anchored to one thing. That idea then grew into starting a boutique (which is still my ultimate goal BTW but one step at a time), which later turned into the idea of style-blogging because I thought it could be a good way to test the market to see what people like, with little to no idea what style-blogging even meant because I had never followed any blogger before this, which is not coming from the place of arrogance that “oh please, I dont follow people, psshh..”. It’s purely from the place of ignorance because I had no idea about the blogging space and how it works.

But one thing I knew for sure was that I am extremely passionate about clothes and styling (yeah I am that person who would starve to save money for that one sartorial piece she is eyeing on). And that’s how it all started, which brings me to Lesson #1, be very sure of why and what you want to blog on. Don’t do it if your goal is to get famous or become a billionaire, etc. Do it only if it brings you immense joy and you are really passionate about the topic. Otherwise you’ll eventually run out of ideas to post about.

Spring Flavor with a Tiered Dress 1

Spring Flavor with a Tiered Dress 2

Spring Flavor with a Tiered Dress 7

Tiered Dress || Shoes || Bag (old from here)

Some other Tiered pieces to check out for India/USA/Internationally:

tiered-pieces-9-e1527567064560.jpg tiered-pieces-71.jpg tiered-pieces-8.jpg tiered-pieces-5-e1527566686175.jpg tiered-pieces-6-e1527566638569.jpg tiered-pieces-4.jpg tiered-pieces-1-e1527566816467.jpg tiered-pieces-2.jpg

Lesson #2

Once I pinned down the topic for the blog, the next stop was to find the right name for the blog. If you are struggling with coming up with it, I would recommend that you start by first writing on the “About” section which personally gave me more clarity on what my readers/followers would get out of the blog. Once I had the name, I moved on to building a website. For this, if you are like me and don’t want to take the pain of coding it entirely yourself, there are plenty of hosting websites like wordpress, tumblr, blogger, available where you literally have to choose the theme and add features as you like.

After that comes the content part. For this I did not have any photographer, well I still don’t. I take most of my pictures myself, because I can not afford a photographer, well even if I can, I would rather spend that money on more clothes and create more content but that’s just me. So if you don’t have one either nor you always have a friend or partner or a family member around to take your pictures, just get a tripod, camera and a wireless camera remote. I initially started with using a phone tripod and clicking pictures by putting my phone on self timer. Later, there are many apps to add the effects to make the photos look really good (to name the few, iPhoto, VSCO, Snapseed, etc.).

This brings me to Lesson #2, don’t allow yourself any excuse. There’s solution to everything if you are determined about the idea. I take my own photos looking like a fool on the streets and hearing people scream “wow”, “selfie taken to another level”, etc. On the flip side, I have actually also gained followers because people are just curious about what I am doing which I very successfully use in marketing my blog. So just start with whatever you are thinking right now or any idea that you are procrastinating to execute upon. Every minute you are not working on it is the minute lost from making it a success.



Lesson #3

Once I had the process in place and started publishing posts, there came the most difficult phase in the journey that is being consistent without any results. And here’s where your Lesson #1 would help you because you were motivated about it from the beginning. Honestly, I would still be blogging and sharing outfits, even if I had gotten no success because I never started with any expectation and that’s the Lesson #3 right there. No I am not saying don’t be ambitious about it, but don’t start with the returns in mind. I see lot of bloggers who get frustrated because they don’t reach the certain level they had set for themselves. It’s no cake walk and there’s no such thing as overnight success (well, in most cases). I would actually suggest that start blogging with another full-time job and take this as a hobby so you don’t pressurize yourself a lot. And do not, I repeat, do not compare yourself with any other blogger, because that just means you are going to find reasons why one is successful than the other and try to replicate it which cannibalizes the entire purpose of blogging – bringing your own unique touch to it. Everyone here has their own journey so create your own, don’t follow an existing one.

Lesson #4

Once I was consistent about posting without any measurable results. I started finding encouragement in all the little things (aka Lesson #4). I remember one time Banana Republic liked my photo that I tagged them in, I took the screenshot of it and sent it to all my friends. I used to get excited about each and every comment that I got on my blogpost or IG post, even if it was as small as “love” or “nice”. And finally came the first collaboration offer which increased my motivation immensely.


Lesson #5

Once you start working with brands, it’s such a fun and teaching experience where you are learning on how to negotiate with a brand and create a win-win situation. However, it’s very easy to get carried away so Lesson #5 I learnt is understanding when to say no and aligning with the brands on the collaboration terms. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t do it and wait for the right one that matches with your content otherwise you will be stuck with something that you are not passionate about posting on your medium and now it’s there on your channel forever.


So are you a blogger yourself? If yes, what are the lessons you have learnt so far? If you are about to start your blogging journey, were these lessons helpful at all? Be sure to write in the comment section about it and also if there are any specific questions you may have about the blogging space.

Disclosure: Thank you SheIn and ShoeDazzle for kindly sponsoring the post. All the opinions are my own & 100% honest. #Ad


Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP


5 thoughts on “5 Lessons I Learned About Blogging

  1. esterpiubeni.com says:

    I am now at Lesson 3, posting my weekly articles. To be fair I really enjoy doing it, I love when my sisters mention my blogposts in daily conversations, it makes me feel so proud! Btw I love the pics in this article!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. palettepop says:

    Aww thank you so much! Glad you liked the read. And I agree, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of numbers, and that’s why important to keep reminding yourself why did you even start this in the first place. 🙂


  3. the harmony in our clothes says:

    It was really interesting to hear what you learned since you started blogging. I agree with all of your points; one thing that I never understood is why people set themselves daily/monthly goals when it comes to gaining subscribers. I feel like if you obsess over the numbers, you just stray away from the fun that is blogging in the first place. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂


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