A Playful (Customizable) Skirt Outfit

Yup you heard it right! Finally a brand aka eShakti that allows customizing on their sartorial pieces, be it, dresses, skirts, etc. So if you are one of the people who never find their sizes in the standard sizing options then this is really a boon. Oh well, even if you are like me who find the standard sizing options quite well-fitting, still this is a boon. How? Take this Handkerchief Plaid Skirt as an example, although I chose my standard size 8, I further customized the length of the skirt by putting in 2 inches shorter than my actual height, as I read in the product description “dips to full length with flats on at long points”, and I wanted it to be little shorter and it turned out exactly how I wanted.

And to my surprise, it’s not limited to customizing only to your usual sizing options, it also allows you to change the length of the sleeves, necklines, etc. So this is almost like designing your own piece (say whattt!!):

eShakti Review and How Does it Work 1

eShakti Review and How Does it Work 4

Handkerchief Plaid Skirt (similar option #ad) || Shoes

eShakti Review and How Does it Work 2

eShakti Review and How Does it Work 3

So have you tried this customizable option at eShakti? If yes, Be sure to share your experience in the comment section.

Disclosure: Thank you eShakti for kindly sponsoring this post. All the opinions are my own & 100% honest. #Ad


Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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