A Bag to Carry Your World In

Are you looking for a bag that you can carry your world in, yes, everything from laptop to notebook to hairbrush to extra pair of change of shoes to emotional baggage – Everything and still make it look organized. I got two words for you – Dagne Dover! Yes, I am sure definitely the brand you have heard about before. But here’s my first hand experience with the bag. And since the underlying theme for this blogpost is “Organization”, let’s take it question by question:

  • What size of the bag are we talking about?: So I got the Legend sized Signature Tote Bag, the biggest one because I am all about those oversized bags. This bag fits every essential (oh well also non-essential) thing I need for the working day from laptop to umbrella to what not (Check out the what’s-in-my-bag shot when you scroll down). But also because not everyone would want to get a big sized bag, there are 2-3 more size options available to allow you to choose as per your need and use case.
  • Let’s talk colors…: Now, we are talking, yes, you have landed on the page of colors, so we can not not talk about colors. So do check out the color options here and I am sure it should not disappoint you


Dagne Dover Bag Review 1

Signature Tote Bag (in c/o with Dagne Dover #ad, get 10% discount with this referral link)

  • Listen I can not keep spending money on the bags because the straps keep breaking on me, so what’s the word on that?: I totally understand, I suffer from the same issue with the everyday bags. But this bag is extremely sturdy and unlike others where you fear that if you put more stuff the shoulder straps will break, the straps on this one is very well made to last. And while we are talking about the shoulder straps, other thing I love is the longer straps than the usual tote bags, giving more space to keep your hand functional while the bag is rested on the shoulders. This bag is really engineered and designed so well, keeping every single detail in mind.


Dagne Dover Bag Review 2

  • Hmm but really what sets this one apart?: Its ability to allow for organization. I mean it even has a separate leash for keys so no more wasting time on looking for the house keys from the million things in your bag. Don’t believe me check out the photo below for the list of things I stuffed organized in this bag because there are so many thoughtfully placed pockets to organize your bag better. Because my life may not be this organized but at least my bag can be..!

Dagne Dover Bag Review 3

  • How about styling?: – This would go perfectly with any business outfit if that’s the use case you are thinking about but even great for the casual outfits Because the bag is not only for the corporate life, it’s equally useful for carrying around all the things you might need for a casual day to night hangout or even for travel purposes. So this should be pretty versatile to style.

Dagne Dover Bag Review 4

So does this bag have all that you need from your everyday bag? Do not hesitate to shoot me with more questions on this  bag and its usability if you have any and be sure to write in the comment section and tell us what are your absolute requirements in a bag.

Disclosure: Thank you Dagne Dover for kindly sponsoring this post. All the opinions are my own & 100% honest. #Ad


Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP


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