Chasing Butterflies with ESC

“Hmm Butterflies? ESC? What are you even talking about?” – Yes yes, I am explaining further. Let me start by a story:

Last year, I was invited to an event for the fall launch of accessories by artist/designer, Elizabeth Sutton. Based on my research before attending the event, I knew she was already a big name in the elite artists circle. It really got me excited for the event and to meet her particularly. And boy, she was everything I thought and more. I met this extremely warm and welcoming woman, who’s obviously very successful, talented, gorgeous but also very very down to earth. She made a point to go around the room, take time to speak with everyone attending, walking them through her new product designs and very generously sharing her story. And that brings me to talking about the “Butterflies” which is a very prominent part of her Elizabeth Sutton Collection.

She goes on to explaining the importance of “Butterfly” in her life and I’ll quote her directly here:

“My butterflies were one of my initial bodies of work. Butterflies represent transformation; they are one of the only things in nature that are perfectly and innately symmetrical. A symbol of hope during a time my life was in a bad place and my career enabled me to get out of a bad spot. Butterflies are one of a kind the same way I believe I am one of a kind.”

Isn’t this truly inspiring?!! On top of her successful career, she is also an amazing mother as I witness her personal life through her Instagram stories. I am so glad to have a chance to connect with her and I was super excited when she reached out to me about working together. Her colorful designs blend so well with my brand and sense of styling. I jumped to the occasion and here I present you her gorgeous signature Butterfly Clutch Purse that I styled with 5 different and colorful monochrome outfits (talk about staying true to the brand, eh!!).

Okay before you scroll down, check out this really cute box that this clutch comes packaged in. I mean….

Color #1 Pink

Starting the outfit series with the color pink, not because I am biased to this color. Okayy fine, I am!! So for this one, I paired this oversized light pink coat and light pink heels with the clutch. It’s quite minimalistic but great for street style like outfit due to its oversized loose fit.

Butterfly Clutch || Pink Coat || Pink Heels (old but similar here)

Color #2 Pastel Green

For the second monochrome outfit, I chose this pastel green pantsuit which I paired with pastel blue turtleneck sweater and blue heels for the colorblock effect. The clutch pops out perfectly well in the background of this outfit.

Butterfly Clutch || Blazer || Pants sold out but similar here || Blue Heels (sold out but similar here)

Color #3 Red

I don’t think there is any explanation needed here, it’s all red pieces paired together here except the sweater which is orange in color but looks red too in the reflection of the rest of the pieces.

Butterfly Clutch || Coat || Sweater old but similar here || OTK Boots (old but similar here)

Color #4 Yellow

I would want to name this one “the ultra layered” because it’s a yellow sweater over white shirt dress over yellow skirt. Phew!! The reason for slipping in white shirt dress is to have some separation for two yellow pieces that might have not gone well together otherwise. I added a belt on top of it to tie the entire outfit together.

Butterfly Clutch  || Sweater old but similar here || Shirt Dress (old but similar here) || Belt || Heels (old but similar here)

Color #5 White

And finally, the classic white on white where I paired this chunky white sweater over white midi dress and again the belt for that cinched waist look.

Butterfly Clutch  || Chunky Sweater (old but similar here) || White Tiered Dress  || Belt

So do you associate yourself with any particular element like Elizabeth does with butterfly? Also which one is your favorite monochrome outfit? Be sure to write in comment section about your favorite one.

Until next time ❤

– PP

One thought on “Chasing Butterflies with ESC

  1. Keziah says:

    This was a very cute post. I think your style is adorable and I love how you have feminine skirts and dresses in your wardrobe. Not a lot of people do. 😉 thank you!! ❤


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