Urghh!! Yet another fashion blog?

NO, PalettePop is not just another fashion blog to style-preach. It’s a brainchild of my dire need to Pop out my everyday observations about a wide range Palette of fashion, food, culture of The Big Apple.
As a staunch follower of Gossip Girl, when I first moved to NYC from India, even I dreamed of a life of taking a high heels walk on upper-east side, with a chic bag hanging on one hand, cellphone on the other and cabbing my way everyday (until I realized the cab prices.. *cold sweating*).
Well, certainly the journey has been colorful, with a lot of learnings about fashion, food, work culture which I am too glad to have been introduced to. And PalettePop is my effort to pen down these everyday surprises, exposure, experiences, and researching on where and how to find/create it.
So basically, (quoting a friend here), “America discovered through an Indian lens..”

So who am I?

A quarter-old, who wakes up everyday in an apartment with a Manhattan view (okay, yes boasting! A bit!), working in the Healthcare Data industry (*nerd alert*), in NYC Downtown (yes, Wall Street!).
A fashion enthusiast, who loves to play with different looks everyday (most of it, driven by the hair situation for the day, sigh!).
flexitarian, with a sweet-tooth (plenty of dessert experiments to follow!).

Most importantly, an Indian with an always updated raunchiest Bollywood song playlist.

Quick fire questions:

Current style obsession – Still.. Boyfriend jeans

A fashion pet-peeve – A bit much of animal prints

Favorite food item – S’mores

Current read – Bossypants by Tina Fey

In free time – Still contemplating on a witty completion to “When life gives you lemons…”.

PS- Check out this cool article feature here to get a sense of what kind of outfits to expect from my blog space! ❤

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