A Bag to Carry Your World In

Are you looking for a bag that you can carry your world in, yes, everything from laptop to notebook to hairbrush to extra pair of change of shoes to emotional baggage – Everything and still make it look organized. I got two words for you – Dagne Dover! Yes, I am sure definitely the brand […]

White Scalloped Collar Shirt & Blue Jeans

What would be as classy-or-classic as a combination of White Shirt and Blue Jeans?! (Hint: nothing). But just how I like my scotch with a twist, I prefer my White Shirt with a little twist, in this case a "Scalloped" twist. (wow, that was such a tongue-twister). Lately, every wardrobe piece is getting a Scalloped transformation, so why would our staple White … Continue reading White Scalloped Collar Shirt & Blue Jeans