Casual Take On: How to Wear a Sleeveless Long Vest

Do you think lately I have been too obsessed with Vests? Faux Fur Vest, Shearling Vest and now Sleeveless Long Vest!! Well, it’s all these different kinds of Vests to blame. I mean I’ll stop buying them, if they stop making them in such a wide variety. Plus their versatility from taking a casual to a formal look is just not easy to escape, So don’t hold it against me. Matter of fact, you better get your Vest game on, girlfriend!

I am such a fan of (floor sweepingly) Long Vests. One reason being, they make me feel like superwoman with a cape, on a mission to rescue the world ( my case mostly rescuing a cupcake from the bakery, but whatever..). I love this charcoal coloured Long Sleeveless Vest, which I donned on a plaid skirt and a plain white tee. The casual sneakers, when paired with wool tights give a nice break from those winter knee high boots in this cold season.


Sleeveless Vest Casual Outfit 1

Sleeveless Vest Casual Outfit 2

Sleeveless Vest Casual Outfit 3


Sleeveless Vest Casual Outfit 5

Sleeveless Vest Casual Outfit 6

Sleeveless Vest Casual Outfit 7

Sleeveless Vest Casual Outfit 8

Sleeveless Vest Casual Outfit 9

Sleeveless Vest Casual Outfit 10


Sleeveless Vest-  Dor L’ Dor, Skirt- Abercrombie & Fitch , Shoes- Forever21 , Bag- Kenneth Cole, Sunnies- Ray Ban

Where to find a Sleeveless Vest?

For the Missy-s in India, some of the international online stores:


For the Missy-s in USA:

All above fashion destinations +


& many others..

So, how would you dress your Sleeveless Vest?

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP


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