Travel Food: What to Eat in Amsterdam

Webster dictionary defines “Travel” as a journey where you move from one place to another and keep nomnom-ing on food every other hour, and try local food that you haven’t before, without caring for the plethora of calories that you may be consuming. Hmm, right, that’s not how dictionary defines it, it is how I do. But won’t you agree?! As I talked about what to wear in Amsterdam in previous post, I had to complete the loop by listing out “Best foods to try in Amsterdam”. So here goes the list, not exactly in the order of liking because I just can’t:

1. Pancakes Amsterdam: Pancakes may not be a Dutch specialty, but I have not seen a wide variety of pancakes anywhere else as this restaurant “Pancakes Amsterdam”. I highly recommend to start your day with breakfast here.

Travel Food - What to eat in Amsterdam 1


2. Dutch Cheese: If you are a cheese lover, Amsterdam is heaven for you. It’s very difficult to miss trying Dutch cheese when you see them at every corner. Just step in one of the stores, window-shop for cheeses (for a change) and try their different samples of cheese with different chutneys. My personal favorite: Pesto cheese with fig chutney!

Travel Food - What to eat in Amsterdam 2


3. Stroopwafel: It’s a Dutch sweet delicacy made with two thin layers of waffles filled with gooey caramel-like syrup. This can be easily found on food carts and totally worth the try.

Travel Food - What to eat in Amsterdam 3


4. Dutch Fries: Just a warning, trying Dutch fries may ruin your taste for all other fries in the world. I have literally hogged on this for at least 2 times a day during my Amsterdam trip. Don’t miss to try their specialty fries “Potatje oorlog”, which comes with peanut sauce, mayo and onions. Yes, as tasty as weird the combination sounds!

Travel Food - What to eat in Amsterdam 8


5. Poffertjes (Pronounced as Puff@%#%@): This can be very well described as mini pancakes with powerpacked taste, served with powdered sugar. Simply yum!

Travel Food - What to eat in Amsterdam 5

Travel Food - What to eat in Amsterdam 6


6. Burger Meester: Burgers may be an American origin, but this place couldn’t miss a mention. I tried this delicious falafel burger at this chain restaurant “Burger Meester”, and I was not disappointed!

Travel Food - What to eat in Amsterdam 7


7. Drinks by the water: This may not fit under best-foods-to-try-in-Amsterdam list, but don’t miss the experience of sitting by the water and sipping in your favorite drink (local Dutch beer: Heineken) while staring at the beautiful Amsterdam buildings.

(Location: The Grasshopper)

Travel Food - Where to Eat in Amsterdam 9


8. Crepes: You will find crepes and waffle houses all over the city so may as well just try them once. I opted for cheesecake cream, banana and nutella crepe, and it was definitely a treat for palate!

Travel Food - What to eat in Amsterdam 4

So did I miss any food item here that I should have tried in Amsterdam?

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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