.. And The Spring Splurge Springs

.. And cheers to that half an hour of life that was invested into coming up with the title of this post. After juggling between the titles “Spring Has Sprung”, “Spring Slit-Some” (because I am featuring this gorgeous Shoulder Slip Top for the first spring post), “Let the Spring Outfit Game Begin”, and etc., this one is the clear winner everyone! And why I am telling you behind-the-curtain stories is to show you what’s exactly on my mind right now -“The Spring”. After hiding behind the reason of “ohh-it’s-too-cold” for months and almost doubting my intentions whether I have lost the motivation to blog, I finally went out for this photoshoot on a cloudy, warm day. And guess what?! It turns out the culprit was the icy weather that kept demotivating me because I thoroughly enjoyed this photoshoot and it made me realize how I missed this side of me.

(Please ignore my current state of verbal diarrhea, I just have too much to say right now, may be compensating for my M.I.A. for this while. For those worried, I shall be back to the normal state after couple of posts.)

Now, coming back to the outfit of the post (#ootp), I have been in love with this Shoulder Slit Top for a while now. I have a thing for the statement tops and this one wins hands down. It’s too simple, too breezy, too easy to plug into any outfit for that dressy look and just look at those cuff sleeves – an instant game changer. I paired it with the flared skirt with the “flower” cutout print and the “floral” sequin pumps (..talk about the spring celebration -heh?!). As I have already mentioned my love for the round bags previously, this pearl round clutch is just an extension of the same blooming love.

Spring Outfit 2017 - Shoulder Slit Top

Spring Outfit 2017 - Shoulder Slit Top 5

Spring Outfit 2017 - Shoulder Slit Top 4

Spring Outfit 2017 - Shoulder Slit Top 6

Spring Outfit 2017 - Shoulder Slit Top 2

Spring Outfit 2017 - Shoulder Slit Top 1

Spring Outfit 2017 - Shoulder Slit Top 7

Spring Outfit 2017 - Shoulder Slit Top 3

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 5.19.29 PM.png

Slit Top || Skirt (old) from here ||Floral Sequin Pumps ||Pearl Clutch || Ceramic Earrings

So what are some of your favorite Spring looks that you are dying to wear? Be sure to write in the comment section and inspire us with your styling tips.


Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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