Embroidery Trends .. Enough Said!

No but seriously, doesn’t it speak volumes when we hear the word “Embroidery”!! One of the other cyclical fashion trends that’s making a round again in our worlds.Be it, the Embroidery dresses, Embroidery Shirts, Embroidery boots, Embroidery coats, Embroidery Bags,.., you name it, they all are Embroidered these days. But I have to admit, it wasn’t a smooth liking that I built up with this entire Embroidery trend. It started with some judgy-eyes, turned into hmm-ok-I-guess-it’s-not-that-bad and later grown into OMG-I-love-it.

And it was a definite yes when I saw this uniquely Embroidered Dress. I mean just look at the details, isn’t it giving such a great Spring vibe with that Sequin and Embroidery work mixture! And it’s all good when it’s loose and oversized-fitting because snug fitting is just too overrated. As I was trying to go for more of a brunch-ish look for a sunny, warm Sunday, I paired this with neony heels and matching neony bag. And as you already know, I am not too crazy about wearing too much accessories, also because it’s simply not needed here as “Embroidery” is the star of the outfit, just a simple pair of elegant earrings should make for a complete look. Alternatively, if you are aiming for a more casual look with this dress, you can very well pair it with sneakers and a high bun.

Embroidery Trend for Spring Outfits 1

Embroidery Trend for Spring Outfits 2

Embroidery Trend for Spring Outfits 4

Embroidery Trend for Spring Outfits 5

Embroidery Trend for Spring Outfits 7

Embroidery Trend for Spring Outfits 3

Embroidery Trend for Spring Outfits 6

Dress || Bag (old) from here || Shoes (old) from here || Earrings

So how are you liking this entire Embroidery Trend? What are some of your favorite Embroidery pieces? Be sure to share your favorite Embroidery Looks in the comment section!

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

9 thoughts on “Embroidery Trends .. Enough Said!

  1. The Tote Trove says:

    I too am so glad that embroidery is making a comeback! I recently bought a colorfully embroidered red peasant tank and an embroidered ruffled peasant dress, and I can’t wait to wear them. Your dress is very pretty – it has a kind of Partridge Family meets (what else?) brunch vibe 🙂 The white is a lovely canvas for the beautiful embroidery, perfect for spring and summer.

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