Lemonade In The Desert

Why Lemon Print you ask?? .. because why not!!

This summer, it’s been all about the fruit prints with lemon print, pineapple print, banana print, etc. But Lemon print seems to be the clear winner. And I am no fashion astrologer but I so think this is just going to extend to the Fall pieces as well. And this brings me to talking about this cute Lemon Print Dress which just arrived in time before my Vegas trip because who wouldn’t like some Lemonade in the desert, right?! (*adding multiple annoying winks to cover up for this bad joke and moving on*).

And the colorful backdrop lover that I am, I could not have missed out on visiting Seven Magic Mountains- the neon art installation on my Vegas trip. It all added up just so perfectly with this yellow Lemon Print dress, the green large Tassel Earrings, red Strap Sandals and the black Suitcase Bag:

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 6

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 2

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 3

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 1

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 4

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 5

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 10

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 11

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 7

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 8

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 12

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 9

Lemon Print Outfit Trend 13

Dress || Bag || Shoes || Earrings 

So how are you liking the Lemon Print Trend? Also, have you been to Seven Magic Mountains or planning to visit soon? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

10 thoughts on “Lemonade In The Desert

  1. Valerie Nguyen says:

    I love the bright and vibrant colors! A few of my friends have posted pictures at this place but I never knew it was near Vegas. Thanks for sharing! I definitely have to stop by next time I’m in the area.

    Valerie | avecvalerie.com


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