Tulle Skirt Outfit

There comes a time in our lives, when we stumble upon a tiered, perfect-looking, elegant tulle skirt while we are just innocently e-window shopping for hours long. Yes, I recently had that experience. What did I do then? Of course, gave into the urge of buying it and made a perfect weekend outfit out of it by pairing it with a white ruffled shirt and nude shoes:

Tulle Skirt Outfit Ideas 1

Tulle Skirt Outfit Ideas 5

Tulle Skirt || Ruffled Shirt || Shoes || Bag (old from a vintage store)


Tulle Skirt Outfit Ideas 4

Tulle Skirt Outfit Ideas 8

Tulle Skirt Outfit Ideas 7

Tulle Skirt Outfit Ideas 2

Tulle Skirt Outfit Ideas 3

Tulle Skirt Outfit Ideas 6

So how would you style the Tulle Skirt? Be sure to write in the comment section and inspire us with your styling tips.


Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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