3 Ways to Style Bright Pink Sweater

Ok, let’s just not waste our time on the introduction of this post so can we please settle on the fact that bright sweaters are the life of the Fall weather and this bright pink sweater with red stripes is one of the coolest gems to find. Agree? Great! So let’s move on to the next part of the blog where I am going to show you 3 ways I styled this sweater:

Look #1: Dress Up Like There’s No Tomorrow

Yeah I got a little carried away while naming the title of this look but seriously little (or may be little more) dressing up has never hurt anyone right?! So I paired the pink sweater with this metallic pleated skirt (which I folded to Calf length, it’s originally long), pink heels and blue bag with pink tassel (because details):

Bright Pink Sweater Outfit 4


Bright Pink Sweater || Metallic Pleated Skirt || Shoes (old from here) || Bag

Look #2: The Color-blocking Effect

Because color-blocking is my B.A.E. (..any oldie like me, I have freshly googled this slang. It means Before Anyone Else, you are welcome!). So I paired it with red skirt to color block with the pink sweater and complement its red stripes and the burgundy boots:

Bright Pink Sweater Outfit 1


Bright Pink Sweater || Red Skirt || Boots

Look #3: The Casual Feels

And lastly, we are going to just dress up super casual because yes, we all have those days, actually most days. Here, I paired it with distressed Jeans, fedora and burgundy boots:

Bright Pink Sweater Outfit 6

Bright Pink Sweater Outfit 8

Bright Pink Sweater || Distressed Jeans || Boots || Fedora (Old from a local boutique)

So how would you style the Bright Sweater this Fall? Be sure to write in the comment section and inspire us with your styling tips.

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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