7 Summer Outfits for Every Mood

Feeling too dressy? Or feeling too casual? Or somewhere in between? Either way, don’t you worry sista, I got you covered with different outfits for all your moods. So I created this Summer wardrobe using different pieces ) and when I say different, I mean different because I go through the same mood swings, where one day I really want to dress up, and the other day I would rather just roam around in the city in a bath robe.

Mood #1 Playful 

When the mood is really playful and may be flirty too, what would be your color for the day?!! Yes, PINK! And if it has polka dots too, oh and also has a bardot neckline, I would say “Go for it girlfriend”. I styled this super fun dress with some nude classic kitten heels and a matching polka dot wall (yes, that’s really part of the entire outfit, hehe!).

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Mood #2 Joyous

But what if you are feeling just joyous and happy without being too playful, I would say go for some fun, bright colored bodycon dress. I especially love this blazer like touch to this dress, which is really an unexpected but an amazing twist to the entire dress.

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Mood #3 Fresh

Or may be you woke up feeling really fresh and rejuvenated, then how about some lemon print shift dress??!! The fruit prints for Summer is really a hit and you may want to jump on this trend, if you haven’t already. I styled it with a matching yellow heels and of course found another matching wall. Like seriously, why am I just not changing my blog name to WeMatchOutfitsToWallHere!!

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Mood #4 Elegant

But what about the days when you are feeling very lady like and elegant and would want to work around that feminine energy. I got a perfect solution for that too in form of this Gala-ish floral maxi dress with that cute ruffle neckline. I paired it with ruffled shoes to make it a double-ruffled outfit.



Mood #5 Super Casual

Ok this is my mood like 50% of the times, super casual!! So here’s this dream come true dress, because I so badly wished that I could just go out wearing my oversized denim jacket and PLT was kind enough to make this denim shirt dress for those days. I went with the casual vibe and styled it with the white sneakers.

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Mood #6 Calm

And for the days, when you are calling out to your saint calm side, may be a white trim detailed dress would help!! I mean it helped me! On a side note, I also got plenty of compliments from strangers on this dress.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Mood #7 Shimmer

And finally, when you just want to wind down with a glass of wine at a bar, and need to bring out that glow, a champagne satin shirt dress should totally match that mood. I absolutely love that ruched pattern on this dress and that belt is just a cherry on the top. I kept this one pretty minimalistic with just those big hoops and blush colored shoes.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


So does this cover for all your moods this Summer? How would you have styled these dresses? Be sure to write in the comment section and inspire us with your styling tips.

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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