Let’s Talk About Heels

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: “Heels are not comfortable” and whoever says they find heels to be very comfortable, definitely have some super feet and I bow down to you Sir/Ma’am! But I personally find them painful and will be talking about how do I manage through the situations where I really want to wear them. So keep reading for “Heels Management 101”.

Before we get into that, let’s first talk about this pantsuit outfit. I absolutely love them as I have mentioned earlier here and I don’t think they are going out of trend anytime soon. And very interestingly, I did not actually get this as a pantsuit set, I first had those pants and then I luckily found the matching colored blazer to wear them as a pair. I paired this pastel green pantsuit with red turtle neck, red coat and orange heels to give it a color-blocking effect:

Blazer Pantsuit Outfit Ideas 2

Blazer || Pants  || Turtleneck Sweater  || Coat || Heels (old but similar here)

Ok now coming back to the Heels Management, so here are few points I consider:

(1) First of all find out the height size that you are most comfortable with by trying out different heels height, for me it’s 2 inches, which is the most comfortable ( I mean of course not as comfortable as flats pshh!) and 3 inches are good for me to walk around for limited number of hours and 4 inches or more are very uncomfortable for me to walk around in. I also have flat feet which makes it even more difficult for me to walk in taller shoes. But understanding the heel size comfort threshold really helps me in investing in heels wiser based on how often and how long on a go would I be able to wear it for.

(2) Assess what are you wearing heels to? and what your day is going to be like? For me I would venture wearing 4 inches only if I know I am cabbing door to door for the day/evening and if it’s mostly a sit down brunch/dinner like situation where I know I am not really going to be standing a lot.

(3) And the few times when I decide to wear heels knowing I might be taking subway rides, I keep extra pair of light flats with me that I can change into when I need to.

(4) I have also heard from people that they find block heels more comfortable than the pencil like, which logically makes sense because block heels give you extra support. However, it doesn’t really work for me, even 4 inches of blocked heels are uncomfortable to me but still listing here in case it works for you.

(5) Finally, I really don’t think you need to wear heels to look elegant or something. Look for alternatives, like I most of the times wear brown loafers that look polished and formal for my client meetings where I know I want to stay focused on the material I’ll be speaking to and not worry about walking in heels. But that doesn’t mean I don’t dress up for those occasions, I do, but just don’t find wearing heels necessary. Alternatively, there are many comfortable formal-looking kitten heels and ballet flats that you can opt for many of these occasions like this, this, this and this.

Blazer Pantsuit Outfit Ideas 1

So how do you manage wearing heels? What are some of your tricks of “heels management”? Be sure to write in the comment section and inspire us with your styling tips.

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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