10 best ways to wear Boyfriend Jeans in Summer & Winter

So, it was one of those days when I was just strolling around the neighborhood and happened to (*wink*!!) walk into a boutique. And thanks to my “Impulse buying syndrome”, left the store with these “Ripped Boyfriend Jeans”. Needless to add, one of the best impulse buying sins I have committed.

Now I know, it’s been a while that they’ve been around, and I am still choosing to talk about it, but while the fashion world is still pondering on the question, BF jeans=fad-or-staple, they just don’t seem to lose their charm on me, ohh and its versatility (pure bliss!!).

If you are like me, one who doesn’t like to be confined to one look, “BF jeans” is totally your thing. It effortlessly creates a Normcore-Fashion look that everyone is talking about with no compromise on comfort, and also, it’s a good break from our skinny jeans ritual.

How to wear Boyfriend jeans?

Look#1 Casual – Let’s face it, we all have that one day in a week, where we want to dress down and still look as stylish as always. The perfect formula for this is: Boyfriend Jeans + Plain tee + Printed Scarf + Flipflops/Sandals + Tote bag. With the plain colored background of t-shirt, the printed scarf should stand out strikingly.

look 11 (1)Look#2 Nerdy – To reflect that nerdy mood in the clothing, pair up the Boyfriend Jeans with a Tie neck blouse, Loafer shoes & may be the glasses.

look 21 (2)

Look#3 Formal – Oops, Reality check: “it’s not the weekend yet!”. Pairing up the Boyfriend Jeans with a Formal Shirt (White for the classic look) & Pumps (Nude/Black preferably) should make a perfect work outfit.

look 31 (1)

Look#4 Party – And it’s the weekend now!! Yayy!! How about pairing up the Crop Top, Party Blazer & Heels with the Boyfriend Jeans tonight, instead of skinny jeans!!

look 41 (2)

Look#5 Bohemian – For that free-spirited look with the Boyfriend jeans, pair it with a Peasant blouse, Multiple chains/Gypsy scarf, Fringe purse & Gladiator sandals!!

look 51 (2)

Look#6 Punk – Combining Leather jacket with a White tee & Boots should be just perfect for that punk mood. Oh, and let’s not forget to carry our headphones to listen to that rock music!

look 61 (2)

Look#7 90’s – “History repeats itself!”, even in the fashion world. For achieving a 90’s look with Boyfriend Jeans, mix it with a Tank Top, Oversized Plaid Shirt or Jeans Jacket & Sneakers.

look 71 (2)

Winter style look-book with Boyfriend jeans

Now, I bet you are wondering, “How are these ripped boyfriend jeans going to get me through the winter? Wouldn’t I be freezing in it?”. Well, I hear you, Sista! Because with the start of fall, it’s definitely not getting any warmer here in NYC, and I double-definitely do not seem to shove my pair of BF jeans into the bottom of my closet with the heap of summer clothes. So what’s the way out?

As I start observing the stunning New Yorkers killing the chilly weather in style to get my Boyfriend-jeans-fashion-inspirations, here are some ways I came across to style them in winter by pairing it with our routine winter clothing and accessories, and still rocking the look (as I would like to call it Winter-3C’s):

Look#8 Winter-Casual: Wearing thermal patterned tights underneath the ripped Boyfriend Jeans should keep you warm (also creates a patched ripped jeans look). Top it with a chunky or fuzzy sweater or a cardigan.

look 81 (1)

Look#9 Winter-Classic: For a classic look, pair it with a blanket coats or ponchos and the pointed heels boots. And also, a Latte to go please!!

look 91

Look#10 Winter-Chic: Mixing a Khaki Jacket on a simple Black full sleeves t-shirt with the warm Woolen Socks and the Oxford Shoes creates a real Chic look. My favorite part of this outfit is the peeping-out-socks, so chic-ish! Give it a geek-chic twist, by pairing it with the striped or checkered socks.

look 101

Additional BF-Jeans-Style-Tips:
– Are you a gym-girl and tired of squeezing those fit muscular legs into skinny jeans?? – Woohoo, BF jeans are shouting out loud for you!
– Are you running behind with your BF jeans style-game?? – Well, it’s never too late, but may be with the winter coming, traditional un-ripped Boyfriend Jeans would be a good investment, which BTW looks evenly stylish for summer!

Boyfriend jeans myth - "With my hour-glass figure, Boyfriend jeans would 
make my buttocks look even bigger"
Boyfriend jeans fact – The high-waist BF jeans should define the lower body 
perfectly fine by preserving that curvy look.
Boyfriend jeans myth - "I am a short woman, and the baggy jeans don’t fit 
me well"
Boyfriend jeans fact – That’s the beauty of BF jeans, you can always adjust 
its height by rolling them up, which makes them look even better BTW!

I guess you see where I am going with these myths-facts! Yes, with the wide variety of BF jeans available in the market from cuffed to high-waist, it fits all the body type flawlessly. It’s really about picking the right one which leads me to my next question.

Where to find Boyfriend jeans?

For the Missy-s in India, some of the international online stores:





For the Missy-s in USA:

All above fashion destinations +




Abercrombie & Fitch


& many others..

So what’s your boyfriend jeans story??!!

Please add your Style-pages of Boyfriend-jeans from your Look-book to mine, in the comment section. I would love to hear form you.

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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