12 Stylish Halloween costume ideas for women

It’s the spooky time of the year again!

Have you picked your stylish Halloween costume yet? Are you still looking for stylish Halloween costume ideas? Are you as freaked out about the costume as I am as I start to ask these questions? (*fanning face*)

Halloween is round the corner, and as you would have guessed I have still not decided my costume and running from one idea to another. The biggest dilemma that I face every year is striking a balance between creativity and affordability, because I want my Halloween costume to be memorable with a spin of style and as affordable as possible, because come on, it’s just a one-time-a-year thing and repeating Halloween costumes is a taboo, so let’s just be a li’l thrifty.

But really, why are we getting into the hassle of making our own Halloween costume rather than buying it ready. Among many reasons, most important one being Halloween costumes should really be about self-expression and bringing out our fun side. So you can keep it as plain as just a blood-dripping face or can be as gross as making one out of the garbage cans, the bottom line is to HAVE FUN!! To top it all, who doesn’t miss the fancy dress competitions (I do)!!

Now that I believe I have made enough fair arguments to get you started on your Halloween costume ideas for this year, here are the few stylish/sexy Halloween Costume options I have narrowed down.

Stylish Halloween Costumes for women:

1. The bloody lips look – Okay, Let’s ease you in on this entire Halloween-costume-idea thingy with the simplest! So, pick up any of your sexy black dresses for that stylish Halloween look and up your ghostly-game with the blood-dripping-lips touch. Ohh and how about “Bloody Mary” as  a drink of choice for the evening?!

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 1

Image courtesy – Amazon

2. Masquerade mask – Could a Halloween costume get more elegant than the one with a Masquerade mask! The answer is ‘No’. Since Halloween is really about pretense and deception, it would not be entirely wrong to borrow the mask from the Masquerade ball. (Right?!)

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 2

Image courtesy – Amazon

3. Serena-Blair – Now that I swing my focus to Hollywood to get some stylish Halloween costume inspirations, guess which one pops up the first in my head? Ahan! That’s right, Gossip Girl (of course)!! Remember that famous photo-shoot of Serena and Blair wearing alike patterned dresses in two different colors, that can be you and your BFF for this Halloween!

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 3

4. Carrie Bradshaw – Talking about fashion icons from TV shows, and not mentioning Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City (another trend-setter-tv-show based on NYC, co-incidence?!) would be a crime. Wear your trendiest dress and declare yourself as Carrie Bradshaw for this Halloween. Yes, it’s that simple! Or get closer to her look, with a tutu skirt and a tank top (blush pink may be).

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 4

5. Marilyn Monroe – All you need for a Marilyn-Monroe-look as a Halloween costume is an ultra sexy haltered dress, messy hair and red lips (a li’l blood dripping act should do the creep-trick here too). Dang! You are ready to go!

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 5

6. Holly Golightly – Speaking of style icons, the one who started it all – Audrey Hepburn with her character as Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at tiffany’s” (pshh, another Manhattan based fashion story!!) – can not miss a mention. Wind around a black dress with a pearl necklace, tiara and silky black gloves for a spot-on-stylish Halloween costume this year.

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 6

7. (Wo)Men in black – Stealing the “Men in black” look with a black suit and black glares would make a real-chic Halloween costume.

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 7

Image courtesy – Amazon

8. Runaway bride – Take any white gown/dress and pair it with running shoes and guess what, you are the Runaway bride for this Halloween!

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 8

9. New fools of the old school – Pair suspenders with checkered pants and some geeky glasses. Call it; the professor look, nerdy look, vintage look and whatever you want it to be…Importantly, be comfortable and stay foolish.

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 9

Image courtesy – Amazon

10. Sexy professional – Seriously just pick any profession, be it, chef, waitress, doctor, nurse and add the oomph-factor to it (make it more convincing by adding relevant props like; chef-knife, server-tray, stethoscope etc.). You are Halloween ready!

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 10

Image courtesy – Amazon

11. Red riding hood – Take a red piece of cloth and wrap it stylishly around your head as a hood and carry a wooden basket. Simple, classic, Halloween-y!

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 11

Image courtesy – Polyvore

12. The Cowgirl – Pair up the waist knotted top with the shorts or tight jeans, styled with the leather boots and the hat is a perfect recipe for a super sexy Halloween costume!

Stylish Halloween Costume Idea 12

Image courtesy – Polyvore

Phew, looks like I already picked my Halloween costume while listing them here. (Any guess which one?!)

Be sure to let me know if this helped you pick your sexy Halloween costume for this year.  Let your stylish Halloween costume suggestions pour into the comment section.

Happy Halloween, Bisous ❤

– PP

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