Purse Hangers: Accessories or Essentials??

Purse hangers have now saved me from the turmoil of this annoying situation:

Out on a date, when asked on the reception, “Table for..??”
Me: “Table for three – He, I and my bag..”

Happens to you too? Or are you the kind who sacrifices the half-chair space to your bag at a restaurant? Ohh.. Don’t worry, nobody is judging.. We all have done that. Or are you the kind who puts it on the floor? Haww.. Now we are judging. I mean come on, we spend a fortune on our handbags, they deserve a good treatment, don’t they? But don’t you worry sista, I have found the perfect solution to end this pickle.

Not so long ago, while browsing through accessories at a boutique, I came across this beauty named “Purse Perch” by hangdesigns. Initially, it grabbed my attention because of its adorable pink flamingos, but later I realized its functionality. And since then this has become my favorite handbag accessory. Now, I am almost hesitant to categorize it as an “Accessory”, because it definitely does more than that.

  • To start with, it protects my bag from putting it on the floor, and gives it a place to hang on the table.
  • Also, it comes as a foldable little thing which is just so easy to carry around in my bag.

So I am convinced to list it as an “Essential”. Please take a closer look of it in the pictures below, and decide yourself:


Handbag Accessories 1

Handbag Accessories 10.JPG

Handbag Accessories 4

Handbag Accessories 9

Handbag Accessories 6

Handbag Accessories 7


Where to find Purse Hangers?

For the Missy-s in India, it can be found online on:



For the Missy-s in USA:


& many others..

So what’s your verdict? Purse Hangers – Accessories or Essentials?

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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