Pencil Skirts: How to Style Them

A-line, Pleated, Wrap, Ruffled, yes all of you, please accept defeat! Pencil skirts were, are and will be our all time favorite. Period. There are two kinds of love, one that’s unjustifiable and another one where the reason is an easy answer to “How to Style It”. Yup, you guessed it right, Pencil Skirts fall in the latter. This love even doubles itself, when the versatility adds to the style quotient. Y’all agree?! Now, I know we tend to quickly associate the term “Pencil Skirt” with “The Corporate look” only (keyword here – “Only”), but let’s keep our perspective broad here. Pretty please!!

Pencil Skirt is one of the best things that happened to the fashion world and to us-women. Among many reasons, primary being how it plays the chic-trick of fitting like a glove and flaunting those lady curves. Live long Pencil Skirts, live long!.. Another fine quality about the Pencil Skirts is how in no time it brings elegance to entire outfit, no matter what you pair it with. And that’s exactly what I am playing around with, in following three looks.

Look #1: Work and Beyond Look – Okay I never said don’t wear them at work, all I said was that don’t categorize them as office wear ONLY. I was very careful with the words there. So please allow me to introduce the first look that goes well at work and even beyond work:

Now, you don’t have to be working in a fashion industry to wear pop colors at work. (Although, I wish my job was Andrea Sachs’s from “The Devil Wears Prada”, where I would get an extra credit on job evaluation for dressing stylish. Urghh, anyway coming back to the point..) I mean our staple-office-pencil-skirts-colors like grey, black are just so mundane. Let’s move on from them, like now. I am not just saying it. I tried it myself, went with this powder-blue-colored-stretchy-pencil-skirt (my current favorite color, BTW ❤ ), paired with the Zara blouse, to one of the work days followed by a company happy hour. Trust me, the amount of compliments I received for this outfit was too overwhelming.

how to style a pencil skirt

Pencil Skirt – Necessary Clothing, Blouse – Zara, Shoes – Aldo

how to style a pencil skirt              how to style a pencil skirt

Look #2 Playing It “Cool” Look – Why those quotes around the word Cool?? Because I am trying to point out the pun here. You can play it “cool” with this dressed down, super comfortable look and you can kill the winter “cool” by pairing it with your humongous sweater. You see it now?? Yes.. No.. Awkward.. Urghh..

Let me simplify. To whoever said Pencil Skirts are not made for winter, let me prove you wrong. Specially with this fall-decent-cold, you can always pair these skirts with your oversized sweater and converse sneakers. Comfy much?! For colder days, Pencil Skirts can be styled with over-the-knee boots and sheer tights beneath.
how to skyle a pencil skirt

Sweater – Dor L Dor, Shoes – Forever 21, Bag – Accessorize

how to wear a pencil skirt       how to casual pencil skirt

Look #3 The Party Go-er Look – Even though it says, Party-Go-er-Look, this outfit is pretty versatile for a cocktail night, a date night, etc. Pair the crop top with this high waist Pencil Skirts, stilettos and a clutch. You’re good to go! Combination of Stilettos and Pencil Skirts is the majorly liked one anywhere and everywhere, so it’s really a no-risk look.

how to wear a pencil skirt

Top – Necessary Clothing, Bag – Asos, Shoes – Call It Spring

how to style a pencil skirt                  How to style a pencil skirt

Where to find Pencil Skirts?

Some floral, checkered, pop-colored Pencil Skirts I found online:

For the Missy-s in India, some of the international online stores:



For the Missy-s in USA:

All above fashion destinations +


Necessary Clothing

& many others..

So what do you think? Got suggestions? More Style Inspirations? Let them flow in comment section.

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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