Indowestern-izing This Holiday Season!

Guess who’s enjoying vacation in India?? – *Raising hand*
Guess who took break from blogging?? – *Shamefully raising hand*
Guess who’s adopting Indian Silver Jewelry with Western garments?? – *Enthusiastically raising hand*
Guess who’s loving the Indowestern trend?? – *Raising hand with heart-eyes*

Yes yes, it’s all me. I blame it all on sparkling energy of this festive month of the year around the world, that kept me away from this space. Okay, absence still not justified, agreed! But, while I hibernated for a bit, I swear I never unplugged myself totally from it. Don’t believe me??!! Let me show you here what I borrowed from my Indian attire this wedding season.

All my life, I believed my style was that of an accessories-minimalist’s. Urghh, what was I thinking!! Thanks to my unfading-intrusive-behavior that made me dig in my mom’s vintage collection of Indian silver jewelry and the rest can be witnessed in the photos here.

I lalalove these chunky coined and spiked neck accessories, totally stole my heart, eyes, head,…, okay I’ll stop!! But aren’t they simply adorable.. Ohh and pay specific attention to those golden-bead-studded-lace-up-shoes that would totally give a Boho-touch to any plain outfit. My favorite part of this entire Indowestern look is how easy it is to pull it off by just adding one bold article to your daily outfit.


Indowestern trend 6

Indowestern trend 4

Indowestern trend

Indowestern trend 7

Indowestern trend 3

Indowestern trend 5

Where to find the Silver Jewelry?

For the Missy-s in India:

Any nearby Jewelry store 🙂

For the Missy-s in USA:



& many others..

So the Indowestern Trend, yay or nah??

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP


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