Travel Food: What to Eat in Italy

If there’s anything Italians are more serious about than their fashion is their food, and trust me the fuss is legit. And no, I am not talking just about pizza. Starting the day with a shot of espresso and ending with the gelato, oh those golden days in Italy! Before I miss the point, let’s go over food to try in Italy.

1. Coffee and Croissant: No morning is as delicious as the one that starts with an espresso coffee shot and a croissant. Agree much? Your trip length would fall short for the variety of croissants Italian cafés have to offer. I mean pistachio croissant is a thing guys, and it’s 10x more delicious than you would imagine.


Food in Italy 2

Local Café, Rome

Food in Italy 15

Caffé Trombetta, Rome

Food in Italy 5

Food in Italy 6

Local Café, Milan

Food in Italy 17

L’Opera Caffé, Florence

Food in Italy 16

Local Bakery, Venice


2. Pasta & Pizza: I know what you are thinking Italy-Pasta-Pizza, Pasta-Pizza-Italy, pretty innovative suggestion, added *rolling eyes*!! But really it just tastes different here. They freshly make their pasta every day. You can customize the way you like and comes in different selection like Gnocchi, Spaghetti, Fusilli, etc. It’s very delicious!! And don’t forget to try their authentic Napolitan pizza, which comes unsliced and it’s too delicious to describe in words!

Food in Italy 13

Food in Italy 12

Dal Moro’s, Venice

Food in Italy 4

Pizza Bar, Rome


3. Street Toast: This is one place I can not miss the mention as this was literally my lunch everyday for the 3 days I stayed in Milan! Street Toast is right next to the Milan Cathedral and absolutely a toast I have never eaten before.. It’s a gigantic portion and so easy to carry and eat around when you plan to shop and explore Milan city.

Food in Italy 9

Food in Italy 10


4. Spritz: This is an Italian wine based specialty cocktail, with a dash of bitter liqueur which is definitely worth trying!

Food in Italy 8


5. Cannoli: An Italian dessert,which looks like a tube made of pastry dough and filled with sweet creamy ricotta! Again too delicious to describe..

Food in Italy 11


6. Gelato: Gelato, Gelato and some more Gelato.. Why?? Because it’s Italy!!

Food in Italy 3

Food in Italy 14


7. .. And some more desserts: Just try a new Italian dessert everyday from whichever Italian bakery comes in your way. They all are sooo goood!! Like I did the one in the picture with raspberry macaron combined with pistachio cream!

Food in Italy 7

So did I miss any food item here from your list of food to try in Italy? Be sure to write in the comment section about things that you tried or would want to try in Italy..

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

13 thoughts on “Travel Food: What to Eat in Italy

    • palettepop says:

      Haha I so envy you right now. I wish even I can do Italy again next summer. Have fun and try these food items for sure, super delicious!


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