Lace Crop Top and Denim X 2

Quick, quick, hurry up! Up your Off-Shoulder, Crop Top outfit game. It’s still few months before we start looking like Kenny from South Park with all the winter layers. I agree, this summer has been all about “Off-shoulder” and  “Crop Top”. But there’s nothing like “too-much” when it comes to Off-shoulder Crop Tops, it’s more like “give-me-more”. You think so too??

I bought this lace crop top from Necessary Clothing last summer (yes, call me farsighted..!) and it has been on my favorite tops list ever since. I tried to test the years long classic combination of white and denim twice with this top and guess what it passed both the times. **drum rolls please** Urghh, you and your trust issues, scroll down and check for yourself..

Combination #1: A li’l Boyfriend flavored

Ahan, yes the Boyfriend jeans love is yet not over. I specifically love the mix of street style flavor brought in by BF jeans and classy flavor brought in by the lacey crop top in this look. I used the scarf as a belt here to add that li’l something in the outfit and paired it with a pink clutch and heels.

BF Jeans – Dor L’ Dor, Heels – Aldo, Clutch – ASOS

Combination #2: A li’l Pinafored

Going for a dressed-down-yet-dressed-up look with a lace crop top, denim rompers and casual flamingo patterned shoes.

Denim Rompers – Zara, Shoes – Call It Spring

So what are some of your favorite Crop top looks and outfits? Be sure to write in the comment section and inspire us with your styling tips.

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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