Welcoming 2017 in Style: New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

Wait what? Feels like yesterday when I was writing the post “Welcoming 2016 in Style: Casual New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas” (Ideas which are still valid for this New Year’s Eve BTW), and now it’s time to make another post by adding a year to it (*Facepalm*). And don’t worry I am not going to start the rant on how I din’t achieve any of my resolutions that I made for 2016 and bla bla. Because I never made any to start with, I guess I know myself just too well. Ok not taking too much of your time from all those New Year’s Eve preparation that you would be busy with, I’ll just show off few of my New Year’s Eve Outfit ideas and sign off for this year..

Outfit #1: May be li’l Lace-y

Lace, lace and li’l more lace and anything becomes dressy so let’s may be go for that this NYE. This works so well when you are aiming for a casual yet chic look.

Lace Dress (old) from here|| Shoes (old) from here

Outfit #2: May be li’l Rock-Chic-y

This one is my personal favorite. I am just in love with this idea of adding li’l chicness with a statement top (here: one-shoulder ruffled top) and earrings, and balancing it out by pairing it with a rugged, casual, ripped Boyfriend Jeans and classic pair of velvet boots. Thoughts??

PS- I love this first random walking shot!

One-shoulder Ruffled Top (old) from here || BF jeans (old) from here ||  Velvet Boots

Outfit #3: May be li’l Sequin-y

Another massive hit of the year(s): SEQUIN. But I always dread to look like a disco ball with sequin-overdo. But all is well when it’s added to this sweetheart dress and paired with a pearly junky neckpiece to highlight that neckline.

Sweetheart Dress (old) from here ||Shoes (old) from here || Powder Blue Coat

So what are you wearing this New Year’s Eve?? Don’t forget to share your New Year’s Eve Outfit inspirations with us in the comment section.


Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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