Teddy Coat Outfit + 6 Ways I Deal With Stress

Ok first let’s get this out of the way, in case you are wondering “Why is she talking about ways to handle stress in an outfit post, like come on??!!”. That’s because I am not going to start a TED Talks section in the blog, just because I want to talk about feelings, issues and non-fashion related things twice a year, pshh!

So let’s first talk about Teddy Coats. If you are thinking what’s the fuss with these coats and why is everyone talking about it, then let me tell you, you are majorly missing out if you don’t get one this Winter. This Teddy Coat is the softest thing I have ever worn. It’s like walking around wearing your snuggle blanket, I mean who wouldn’t want that! It’s pretty warm and I love how it’s oversized so you can add in the extra layer of scarf or jacket if needed. I kept it casual here by just styling it with ripped jeans, white tee, denim jacket and boots. But look out on my Instagram for more outfits with this Teddy Coat, because I am legit planning to wear this again and again.


Teddy Coat || Distressed Jeans || Boots  || Jean Jacket (old from here)

Teddy Coat Outfit 2.JPG

Ok now, let’s talk about stress, depression, anxiety and all those wonderful feelings. I am honestly not sure if I am happy about how we are having open conversations about these feelings these days or sad about the fact that more and more people are going through it. And I jotted down all my thoughts on this topic the other day while I was on my train ride, traveling with the bag of frustration. I was mainly noting it so I can read it back when I am not feeling well. However, I ended up realizing I had too much to say on this (as always) and thought it would be a good idea to share with you all too (although I’ll keep it short here). I would also love to get your ideas on how you handle stress because hello, I can use some more ways. So following are the few ways I “try” to handle stress:

(1) CRY: Ok I am a big time crier and I am not at all ashamed of it. No it doesn’t make me weak. If 2 minutes of crying all the negative energy out clears up my head to start thinking straight to map out solutions, I am going to go for it.

(2) Talk it out: Find someone who can make sense or think with you or for you in the stressful situations and can give you realistic solutions and possibilities when you are not at your best emotional state to think the best for yourself . Yes “realistic” because always hearing “oh it’s no big deal” may not be good either. Sometimes the situation is a big deal and you need to handle it wisely.

Teddy Coat Outfit 1

(3) Anything that’s not life threatening can be handled: I have started practicing to remind myself this again and again in the stressful situations that “anything that’s not life threatening can be handled” to get some immediate mental peace because probably most of our problems are not life threatening. Even if the end is not something you would have hoped for but hey you are alive and you will find a way. (Note: not implying that life threatening issues can’t be handled but requires more emotional, mental and physical strength to deal with but that’s altogether another topic which I am not well equipped at the moment to talk about).

So lost your job, yes it’s sad but you will find a new one. Broke up, partner cheated, etc. yes it’s hard to deal with the emotional trauma but time will heal it. Meanwhile use this negative energy to channel into something positive like revenge body or fire back with immense success (call out your inner Adele), do something productive may be start a blog or travel around, take this as an opportunity to make something bigger out of yourself that this trauma starts looking smaller and irrelevant.

(4) Assess when to talk it out or walk out: Is it people around you who are stressing you? May be it’s the way they spoke or behaved, like your friends, colleagues, family, etc.. Try to talk it out with them. So many situations can be defused right away by just talking it out. And sometimes I have even realized that the other person did not even mean the way I perceived it so it always helps to understand where it came from.

But if a person is just straight up being negative for everything and every word you share with them seems like an argument then it’s just better to let go of these people out of your life or minimize the contact. I practice this with somewhat of extremity which I am not entirely happy about, I let people who I really love walk over me and for some, I cut them out of my life completely without notice (well in my defense if it mattered I would have talked it out #excuses). I truly think not all the connections you have made in this life has to go all the way, some are best to put to rest if it doesn’t make sense anymore to drag. And it’s not really about you or the other person being right or wrong, sometimes energies don’t blend or you have grown apart.

Teddy Coat Outfit 3

(5) Know when to take the back seat: Sometimes it’s better to take a back seat and let the situation play out. No it doesn’t make you any less stronger but fighting it more could in some situations just make it worse because it’s not always under your control.

(6) Draw strength from your own experiences: .. And sometimes just take a step back and think of the worst situations you have been through and fought like a champion and survived. And draw strength and inspiration from it to know you will survive and make through this one as well.

So how do you deal with stress, I can always use some more ideas so be sure to write in the comment section and share your ways/thoughts/experiences to deal with stress.

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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