Fall to Winter Essentials #1: The Poncho Affairs

A big round of applause for Poncho sweaters for making it to our Winter Essentials list for the second year in a row, (*drumroll*) !! Well, last year was THE year when Ponchos promisingly entered our lives, kudos to Burberry’s personalized blankets which were seen to be donned by (almost) all celebrities with their initials on it. But as with all other fashion-waves that enter our lives and don’t simmer down that easy, Ponchos, Blankets, Capes, are definitely here to stay this year as witnessed in London fashion week 2015. While we are on it, in case you are wondering about the differences/similarities between these three, (meh, Potato-Potahto!!) Ponchos are the blankets with a cut for head-slip-in, and Capes are the Ponchos with the added cuts for arms-slip-in.

So, here we are getting a head-start on Fall-Winter by putting a check on Poncho sweaters as our Fall-Winter-Essentials. Now, I love Winter, it’s like my fourth favorite season in the year (wait, ain’t there only 4 seasons in a year anyway!). Urghh you caught me, not really a fan of cold weather as I hate to layer up, but hold on layering-up means saying-hello-to-old-eating-habits (*an instant grin*). Ponchos belonging to this winter-oversized-clothing-family, are very welcoming to any body-type and create a chic look while even serving their purpose of keeping you warm.

As I am always on a look-out for ways to create multiple looks out of one garment piece, I do not seem to have spared the Poncho Sweater from this compulsion. Before we delve into that, some details on the featured Poncho Sweater: I bought this piece from a boutique in SoHo.. It’s made of wool, with a fuzzy fleece on the collars and came with a hook button and an elegant leather waist-belt which makes it possible to use it as a Poncho Cardigan, Wrap Poncho, Poncho Top, etc.

Now, without further adieu, let’s take a glance at the ways to style the Poncho Sweater:
Look #1 Neighborhood Wandering – As they say “City streets are the real runways”, why not start our Poncho Affairs from a street-style look.. I paired the Poncho Sweater with baggy ripped jeans (aka boyfriend jeans.. ), color-contrasting tangerine shoes, a padlock bag, and I am ready to be on the streets, bring it on New York!
Poncho Street Style 1
Ponchos street style 2Ponchos street style 3

Jeans- Dor L’ Dor, Shoes- Urban Outfitters, bag- Call It Spring

Look#2 Kate Moss-y Bohemian – I brought out my most colorful dress from the closet and paired it with the faux-furred suede boots, buckle tote bag, multiple neck-chains and put on the Poncho Sweater as a cardigan… This time its leather belt tied in back to create that uneven messy boho-chic-ish look. To give this look an ethnic splash, I styled my hair with one-sided 3-strands braid. As it’s not as cold with the Fall weather I kept the leggings optional, but this look should work perfectly fine with fancy leggings for colder days.

Poncho Bohemian 2

Ponchos Bohemian 1

Ponchos Bohemian 3

Dress- Francesca’s, Boots- Chill on Broadway, Bag- Kenneth Cole

Look#3 Day to Night Spree – This look is perfect for that work-to-party-kinda day.. Set a black background with black thermal tights, and a black tank top.. Wrap the Poncho sweater around, paired with leather boots, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and a checker-board printed satchel bag. And I love the messy-bun as a hairstyle of choice with this look.

Ponchos Chic 2

Ponchos Chic 3

Ponchos Chic 1

Shoes- Aldo, Bag- ASOS

Look#4 The Cocktail Night – (This one gets a *heart* from me..).. Need to go to a Cocktail Party or an usual Girls Night Out.. Put on a body-con dress, the party heels and a long-frame-clutch.. and wear the Poncho as a classy dress coverup. My favorite part of this outfit is the entire color-block effect with the pink clutch on a blue dress with the Prismic-Printed heels. Absolute Love! Again, for colder evenings, pair it with dressy leggings..

Poncho Dressy 4

Ponchos Dressy 1

Ponchos Dressy 2

Dress- Forever21, Shoes- Call It Spring, Bag- ASOS

Pheww, this was my Poncho-Affairs-Story. Have you yet created yours? if not, following are the few options that I researched:

For the Missy-s in India, some of the international online stores:






For the Missy-s in USA:

All above fashion destinations +


Necessary Clothing



& many others..

Have more Poncho-style-inspirations for us? Drop them in the comment section..

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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