Easy Nail Art Tutorial #1: Paint Me Picasso

Red? Blue? Orange? Urghh, this was a dilemma I faced this Sunday while choosing a nail paint. Why is this decision getting more and more difficult each time?!. However, that’s when this quote struck me, “when life gives you nail paints, make nail art”, I did exactly the same and created a nail art out of all these nail paints. So basically I treated my nails as a canvas where I smeared all the nail colors (literally, not figuratively), and named it Paint-Me-Picasso nail art.

I am no nail artist.. Really.. But this nail art, is the simplest it can get. I already got 4 compliments for my nails in 2 days, so it’s definitely grabbing eyeballs (*mission accomplished*). Now, before I walk you through the simple 4 steps of this nail art, some details on what all you need:

  • Choose a nail color panel, I went with Red, Orange and Blue
  • Keep the nail polish remover handy (just in case)

nail art1Now, let’s go step-by-step:

Step A: Let’s get our nails ready by cleaning it with nail polish remover.

Step B: Apply the first coat of nail paint, in this case I applied Orange nail color. You can choose to apply it twice to set a solid base. Wait for it dry off before we move to the next step.

Step C: Apply your second nail color randomly as thick dots, in this case Blue nail color. As Blue is a darker color than Orange, it stands out in the lighter background. Wait for it to dry off.

Step D: Apply the third color, again randomly overlapping with Blue and Orange surfaces. In this case I applied Red color. Now, Red and Blue overlapping surfaces create the fourth color, Marsala (FYI, color of the year, 2015) and in the rest of the nail space, there are color palettes of Orange, Red and Blue.
nail art 2nail artPhew, simple much?!

Be sure to let me know how your Paint-Me-Picasso nail art turns out as? I would love to see what other color palettes can be used to re-create this nail art.

Until Next Nail Art Adventure, Bisous ❤

– PP

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