Fall Patterns & Colors

Yup as the title suggests, I got 2 outfits for you for this post: one with pattern mixing and another one with color blocking. So let’s dive into it:

Outfit #1: Pattern over Pattern

.. Or more like graphic sweater with fruit print on a striped wide leg pants. Now, pattern mixing is a tricky business or more like a hit or miss. But things that I usually look for while mixing two patterns in the outfit is that one of the pieces could be with bigger prints and other one with smaller details like fruit like big prints on the sweater here whereas small striped details in the pants.

Graphic Sweater outfit Idea

Graphic Sweater

Outfit #2: Color blocking Outfit

You have seen me talking about this thousands of times, so not going to explain much, but just one other winter style trick that I love is, adding pins to plain sweater dresses or sweaters or coats, just like here. It really adds that little extra to the entire outfit to make it look more put together.

Fall Outfit Ideas with Red Coat

Fuzzy Sweater Dress || Red Coat (old from here) || Pin

So do you approve of these outfits? What are some of your go to Fall looks? Be sure to write in the comment section and inspire us with your styling tips.

Until next time, Bisous ❤

– PP

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