White Scalloped Collar Shirt & Blue Jeans

What would be as classy-or-classic as a combination of White Shirt and Blue Jeans?! (Hint: nothing). But just how I like my scotch with a twist, I prefer my White Shirt with a little twist, in this case a "Scalloped" twist. (wow, that was such a tongue-twister). Lately, every wardrobe piece is getting a Scalloped transformation, so why would our staple White … Continue reading White Scalloped Collar Shirt & Blue Jeans

Overalls Recoded to an Overall Dress

Now, we all are aware of Fashion's cyclical life, ain't we!! So there would be no jaw-dropping when we hear the Overalls entering back in our lives. However, unlike everything else that's moving towards being a "Boyfriend" style, Boyfriend Jeans, Boyfriend Blazer, Boyfriend T-Shirt,... (Urghh.. Why don't we just start wearing our Boyfriends' clothes, would be easier ya??!!), the Overalls … Continue reading Overalls Recoded to an Overall Dress

Indowestern-izing This Holiday Season!

Guess who's enjoying vacation in India?? - *Raising hand* Guess who took break from blogging?? - *Shamefully raising hand* Guess who's adopting Indian Silver Jewelry with Western garments?? - *Enthusiastically raising hand* Guess who's loving the Indowestern trend?? - *Raising hand with heart-eyes* Yes yes, it's all me. I blame it all on sparkling energy of this … Continue reading Indowestern-izing This Holiday Season!